SV Probe Finalizes Acquisition of Tokyo Cathode Laboratories

SV TCL KK Began Official Operations on September 1

(TEMPE, ARIZONA, September 2, 2013) – SV Probe Pte. Ltd. (“SV”), one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-performance probe cards, announced today that it has finalized the business transfer agreement to purchase certain probe card business, technologies,  intellectual property rights and assets of Tokyo Cathode Laboratories (“TCL”). SV Probe’s  newly established business in Japan, “SV TCL KK” began official operations on  September 1, 2013.

TCL is a probe card manufacturer based in Japan with a substantial production and distribution network across Asia. TCL possesses strong probe card capabilities, specifically CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), which are used mainly in smart phones, tablets, digital cameras and other imaging devices. TCL has developed proprietary cantilever probe materials along with build and assembly processes that extend the capability of its products utilized in different device testing applications. As a result, TCL has gained a number of key CIS, LCD, and logic/SOC customers in Japan and throughout the Asian market.

“This newly combined entity provides a broader range of products and a more extensive global infrastructure to meet the needs of all our customers regardless of location,” said Mr. Kevin Kurtz, President & CEO of SV Probe. “We look forward to the continuing prosperity of this united business now and into the future.”

Probe cards are essential tools in the electrical testing of semiconductor wafers before they are diced, packaged and assembled in electronic products such as tablets, smart phones, computers and digital media players.